Need a tune-up?

Plug into our module and go!

Auto-configure your SIPStation™ trunks in seconds and quickly diagnose connection and firewall issues with this FreePBX module.

A quick word about the module

The module provides a very easy ability to connect to our redundant gateways, provide realtime diagnostics on both server side and client side status, and a central dashboard and control point to easily configure your service into existing outbound routes or will setup standard routes for you. You can also manage your DIDs, Outbound and E911 CID configuration from the module. There is even a really nifty Firewall Test diagnostic which helps you determine if your RTP media ports are properly forwarded from your firewall since most of us put our systems behind a firewall and have to deal with the realities of NAT.

The latest version of the module availabe in FreePBX 2.10 and beyond also allows you to set per-DID failover numbers that will instruct our servers where to send your calls in the event your PBX can't be reached. You can also manage your primary E911 address and configure additional E911 locations directly from the module assigned to specific DIDs. We are continually working on new features and abilities to further integrate your SIPStation experience into the FreePBX GUI. If you haven't tried our service and you want to make your life easier, here's another reason to give it a go!